Cola G.
Washington, DC
Cola G.[5.0 star rating]

Today was very first time in this beautiful and clean salon. Selena did my pedicure and she was just the sweetest. She was very meticulous and I was very pleased with the end results. Tom did my manicure and he was AMAZING!! I was very happy with the cleanup and color. I'm simple so I didn't do anything crazy just a nice natural color. Because it's my birthday weekend I was offered a free design on my feet. I will definitely be back to this salon because the service and work they do is great!

D T.
Union City, CA
D T.[5.0 star rating]

Service: 10          Price: fair, better than most places
Outcome: 10       Will I go back: Yes
Will I refer a friend: I am doing that now

Monnsie I.
Gaithersburg, MD
Monnsie I.[5.0 star rating]

I have tried many salons in and around DC and I'm thrilled to have found Hai Gloss. The customer service here is always very attentive. Tommy, the manager, is amazing - a very talented hair stylist and nail artist. I've been pleased with every mani and pedi I've had here. The hours can't be beat - they are one if the few salons in DC that stay open late enough to actually be a viable option to anyone who doesn't work 9-5 hours. And the prices here at every competitive, especially if you take advantage of the daily specials or cash payment discounts. 

The salon itself is impeccably clean and just pleasant to be in. And they offer complimentary drinks! 

I recommend this place to everyone as the "go-to" beauty stop.

Jeffrey M.     10/9/2015

I went to get my hair cut at this and a pedicure. Tommy cut my hair and he did a great job. The place is very clean, staff very friendly and professional. I will definitely return. Is very conveniently located near my house and in a safe area. This place is good for both men and women. Reasonable prices.

Charles C.

 [5.0 star rating]

Thanks Phillip for a great haircut and Tommy for beautiful shiny color. The services are excellent. Staff are so friendly. The drinks are special. The quality is outstanding. I definitely come back with friends. Everyone should try this beautiful clean salon & spa.

Courtney D.
Washington, DC
Courtney D.[5.0 star rating]

I'm so glad I discovered Hai Gloss. First of all, the location is super convenient. Even more important than that, Tommy and the team are so lovely and can do everything: not just manis and pedis but also massages, hair, waxing and more. They always have great deals and really value their customers. I definitely recommend it!

Jen A.
Pikesville, MD
Jen A.[5.0 star rating]

This will be my new go-to salon for a mani-pedi. The staff was very accommodating. Upon arriving, I was quickly offered a drink (some delicious white wine) and was given time to decide on the color I wanted without being rushed (I can be very indecisive lol). Tommy did a great job on my gel manicure, the best one I've ever received. I also liked that the gel polish removing was free, when my precious salon charged extra for that. I also surprisingly received a paraffin wax hand treatment included with the gel manicure, which I never had before and was wonderful! They also guarantee the manicure will last for at least two weeks.

They also have weekly specials so the gel manicure was a even greater value. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience and will definitely make this salon my new spot!

Alexis B
Washington DC
Alexis B [5.0 star rating]
A neighborhood nail salon no doubt. This place is surprisingly large and has incredible hours for a nail salon. Call ahead or make an appointment to make sure they can get you in - staff seems a little sparse so this wouldn't hurt.
Gel manicures are absolutely the way to go. Tommy is so nice and does a great job. Their color selection is abundant and they actually take the time to do a good job. Complimented my manicure with a paraffin treatment. Prices are reasonable and this place is close to my house!
Complimentary beverage while you relax, this is something I find often in DC. Don't mind if I do have a glass of wine with my manicure. For the number of nail salons nearby this salon does a great job. I will be back!

ai x.
Lafayette, IN
ai x.[5.0 star rating]

This is definitely the place to come to hang out with girlfriend or friends after work in dc. 

A lot of nail places are packed at weekend, so I prefer to having this nail chores done afternoon work,  and this place does open late at night from 10-9 at weekday!

The salon offer special discount rate at week day too from Monday to Wednesday, extra winning for me doing this at weekday! It is spacious and clean. Tommy is the person did my nails, since I was in a hurry that night and the polish is not fully dried and ruined. He kindly took care of me the next day and reapplied the polish!!!  No questions or trouble at all!!! And they offer drinks wines soda in the champion glass, surely feel very relaxed and enjoy the moment.

I highly recommend girls or boys work at dc to come to try this place.

Kerry D. [5.0 star rating]

I've been going here a year and haven't turned back. I've tried a few other places but I'd recommend this one.

My nails always look stunning! I like slightly off beat colors (purples, deep pinks, grey) and I always find a color that I missed in the past or look forward to trying next time. I love love their hours! Very convenient, although the number of staff on site can very. When bringing someone with me I call ahead or email them an appointment but I've only had to wait once.

They really take the time to clean up my cuticles in a sanitary, thoughtful way. The technicians are knowledgable and help me make choices about the shape and color too. Even if I ask for an express, they hit all the steps, even the hot dipped wax. The technicians are also professional and make me feel welcome by remembering me and asking if I'd like something to drink.

I also get my brows done here and they listen to me when I say something about the thickness or shape! A relief to say the least. I've also had my hair and makeup here for my birthday and it was a lot of fun! My hair stayed put all night! They recently refinished their hair salon. That I would make an appointment for.

PS - look for it on 11th street between the two restaurants.

Charlotte H.    

I have had lash extensions done by Tommy twice now and both times I was really happy with the results! I've been getting lash extensions for a few years and while tommy's method is slightly different from what I'm used to, it doesn't really matter because the lashes look great and the price is very reasonable. It's been very easy to make an appointment and the customer service is great as well. Both times, Tommy told me that if I have any issues with my lashes I could come back in and he would fix them for free, but fortunately that hasn't been necessary. I will definitely continue to get my lashes done there!